My Guitar Valve Amp Services | Where do we start?

I've listed a few options below, which represent typical evaluation, servicing, modification and guitar amp repair charges as a starting point. Please bear in mind though, no two scenarios are often the same, so it's not really possible to quote accurate rates/charges until I've fully evaluated the relevant item and discussed the possible options with you first.

Evaluation & Diagnostic - £25 - 30

Standard charge to take a close look at the item and identify the issue(s). Price varies according to complexity when dismantling parts.

Servicing | Valve Replacement - £35 + parts

Fit new valves and perform correct amplifier bias adjustment.

Servicing | Full Service - £75 + parts

New valves fitted and correct amplifier bias adjustment. Diagnostic and replacement of filter caps, out of value caps/resistors, faulty control pots and jack sockets, checking integrity of mains lead, plug and fuse.

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About repairs in general...

As well the general servicing of the more obvious parts, less common things can go wrong, such as shorted turn output or mains transformers, filter chokes and open circuit smoothing/filter capacitors (causes exessive hum). Once a diagnostic is made, I will fully quote for the labour and itemise the parts required (plus related costs). Occasionally, issues occur that aren't easily identifiable and often require an element of research to put right - this will be factored into the overall cost and provided in the submitted quote for your review.

I can source most amp/equipment parts, but please note that some manufacturer replacement parts (especially for older, more obscure items) aren't always available to purchase. I will endeavour to source a third-party equivalent wherever I can, but this is not always possible.

About modifications & upgrades...

Of course, it's not all about general servicing and diagnosing common (or less common) faults. Certain modifications and upgrades on guitar valve amp component parts allow you to alter/enhance the sound characteristics and tone. Vintage point-to-point guitar valve amps are particularly workable in this respect, which makes them popular.

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